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NLO Crystals is short for Nonlinear Crystals, means the crystals that can generate nonlinear optical effect from laser beam or electricity,magnetic field and strain field.
A-Star’s NLO Crystals include BBO Crystal, LBO Crystal, LiNbO3 Crystal, MgO:LiNbO3 Crystal, DKDP&KDP Crystal, KTP Crystal and KTA Crystal etc. A-Star collect especial carefully for the inside material quality and polish in quickest time.
The BBO Crystal is the most advantage from A-Star Photonics. A-Star can support you 2weeks rapid delivery for most dimensions.

Nonlinear crystals

Laser CrystalsLaser Crystals have the high parallelism and monochrome laser, can inverse the outside energy though the optical resonant cavity, is the crystal laser’s working substance.
A-Star’s Laser Crystal include: YAG Crystal, Nd:YAG Crystal, Cr4:YAG Crystal, Er:YAG Crystal, Nd:YVO4 Crystal, Nd:GdVO4 Crystal and Ti:Sapphire Crystal etc.
For the detailed specification please see the product introduction for each crystal.

Nd:YVO4 optical laser crystals

A-Star produce Birefringent Crystals including α-BBO Crystal,Calcite, YVO4 Crystal and Sapphire.
A-STAR supply the Birefringent Crystals with high quality, low cost. Careful selection of raw materials and strictly quality control at every stage of growth, ensure the best specifications for different application.
For the detailed specification please see the product introduction for each crystal.

Birefringent Crystals

optical lenses is the most advantage product of A-Star’s optics.
A-Star got a complete set of optical Lenses Measurement System:
Strictly control the Flatness, Radius, Focal, Center error and S/D.
ZYGO Interferometer and AK-40 Interferometer 100% inspect the surface PV & IRR.
A-Star?offer optical lenses including conical (axicons), plano convex, biconvex, plano concave, biconcave, cylindrical lenses.

Optical Lenses

sapphire window optical

sapphire window optical

A-Star Photonics’ Windows include: CaF2, MgF2, Fused Silica(Corning 7980 or China JGS1), Borofloat glass and Sapphire.
The most advantage window is CaF2 window and MgF2 window. The soft and brittle character of this two materials lead very very difficult polishing, but A-Star have mastered the mature technology to stable polish them.

Optical Window

A-Star can produce: Low Order Waveplate, Zero Order Waveplate, Dual Wavelength Waveplate, Achromatic Waveplate.
For the Low Order Waveplate, there are Low Order Waveplate and Multi-Order Waveplate.
For the Zero Order Waveplate, there are
Zero Order Waveplate-Cemented by Epoxy,
Zero Order Waveplate-Optical Contacted,
Zero Order Waveplate-Air Spaced,
True Zero Order Waveplate-Cemented,
True Zero Order Waveplate-Singlet Plate
For the detailed specifications please see each product link.



A-Star To provide low-cost high-quality proofing services, business development to provide strong backing for you.

  1. Advanced Processing Equipment

    A-Star bought hundreds of advantage processing machines to increase the output and yield.

    For the processing machines, A-Star use the high-speed polishing machines from Korea and Taiwan.

  2. Advanced Inspection Equipment

    Besides the producing capability, A-Star also have the most advanced Inspection Equipment s.

    For the inspection machines, A-Star got ZYGO interferometer, AK-40 interferometer and a complete set of Lens measure system!

  3. Expert Processing Team

    A-Star Photonics have a strong skilled team with 10-20years manufacturing to process your optics. A-Star’s location is high precision optical components!

  4. Controllable Management for Rapid Delivery

    A-Star Photonics have developed a complete set of our own ERP system, which well control the ordering, planning, purchasing, producing, inspecting and shipping in order to satisfy customer’s schedule. A-Star salesman will report customer order status every week after discussing with planer.

    For the optics sample orders, we can supply 4weeks delivery.

    For the BBO Crystals, we can support 10days rapid delivery for most dimensions!

  5. Most Competitive Price

    A-StarWhy we say competitive price but not lowest price? Because we believe A-Star’s price will not be the lowest but must be the most competitive! A-Star will not let you regret to experience our optics and service!

Astar News

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