Corporation Image

A-Star has 4 production Lines:

Spherical ?Workshop,

Flat Workshop,

Crystal Workshop,

Coating Workshop.

Why choose A-Star:

  1. A-Star’s Technical Advantage

A group of experienced workers stably keep ?high-tech level in Crystal, Optics, and coating.

High precision and High Damage Threshold is our products’ particularity, which is fit for various stringent requirements of optical systems and industry applications.

  1. A-Star Cost Advantage

Our price may not be the lowest, but our cost performance should be the best! We are striving to promote our first pass yield minimizing the complaint to requite customer’s trust.

  1. A-Star Delivery Advantage

Effective management in material and accessory suppliers supports our rapid delivery by 2weeks for crystal and 4weeks for most optics.

Based on maximizing customer’s benefit as our principle, we are striving to solve more and more problems for all clients!

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