Development History

2011 ?A-Star was founded in Fuzhou, and collected the whole set of advanced producing and inspection facilities.

2012 ?The spherical workshop bring in the advanced High-speed Polishing technology to combine Traditional Polishing.

2013 ?Sales developed double, and A-Star rise from now.

2014 ?A-Star move to Juyuanzhou Industrial Park. Factory area expanded to 2000㎡, and approved ISO9001 authentication.

This year, A-Star also acquired 7 patents

2015 ?A-Star obtained High-tech Enterprise from Fujian Science and Technology Organization.

This year, we reformed Spherical Workshop again, and build Coating workshop, add Zygo Interferometer. Completed 4 stable producing line: Spherical Workshop,Flat Workshop,Crystal Workshop,and Coating Workshop.

  • A-Star staff increased to 100 persons.

This year, we bought the Spectrometer and realize all own resource for Coating Line.

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