A-Star’s Multiple lens assemblies, configured and tested to meet your exact spectral requirements

Lenses Assembly

Lenses Assembly

If you want to design and build your own optical systems, but want to reduce cost and development time compared to using components, A-Star?can provide the lens assembly, or “lens in a barrel.” Your solution will be thoroughly calibrated and tested, designed to your specifications, and ready for your product.

Design and manufacture various Lens assembly with special parameter according to Customer requirements: front projection fixed focus lens assembly, front projection zoom ?assembly lens, rear projection lens assembly, short focus/large field projection lens assembly, top grade security/industrial monitoring lens assembly, infrared optical lens assembly, wide zoom optical imaging system. Furthermore, we can offer reverse design for various lens assembly upon Customer requirement.

We know how to integrate even the most complex assemblies, including multi-axis assemblies, to provide high resolution and stability. A-Star diverse mounting and positioning technology allows the right freedom of motion while delivering the performance needed. We use clean room assembly and air bearing alignment stations to obtain element centration as tight as 1 micron. Transmitted wavefront interferometry at the operating wavelengths is used for real-time system optimization and performance verification.

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