China Calcium Fluoride Windows Manufacturer

CaF2 Window

CaF2 Window

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A-Star manufactures from CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) the following optics: blanks, windows, plates, polished domes, prisms, wedges and lenses. These products are used for infrared applications.
CaF2 Window (Calcium Fluoride Window) is the most advantage product from A-Star’s Plano Workshop. Fluorides are usually toxic to humans, however CaF2 is considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility.

Manufacturer of CaF2 optics: custom and stock CaF2 window. Calcium Fluoride windows at very competitive price. VUV grade Calcium Fluoride window.

Manufacturer and exporter of Calcium Fluoride Windows / Caf2 Windows.

Calcium Fluoride Windows Manufacturer, China?Calcium Fluoride Windows Manufacturer
Caf2?Windows Manufacture, China Caf2?Windows Manufacturer


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