Optical Coating

A-Star got 2 coating machines, can make: AR Coating, HR Coating, PR Coating, PBS Coating, Metal Coating(Al coating, Ag coating, Au coating)and MgF2 protective coating etc.
A-Star optics uses a wide range of optical coating techniques including thermal evaporation (resistance heating and electron gun coating), plasma assisted chemical vapor disposition and sputtering. These techniques enable the development of special super ‘hard’ or enhanced coatings with exceptional specifications.
A-Star optics’s coating experts are often called upon to provide rapid and effective solutions to problems which arise in new applications, many of which require original, innovative and complex designs and manufacturing technologies
For the Optical Coating detailed specifications please see each product link.

AR Coating

Anti-Reflection Coating is a type of coating which can greatly reduce reflection when a light through the surface of optical devices. It often called the AR-Coating.

HR Coating

HR Coating / High-Reflection (HR) Coating work the opposite way to anti-reflection coating. Anti-reflection can greatly reduce reflection when a light through the surface of optical devices,

PR Coating

Partial-reflection coating (PR Coating) is always used in beamsplitters application. There are two kinds of partial-reflection coating: Single Wavelength Partial-Reflection Coating and Broadband Wavelength Partial-Reflection Coating.

PBS Coating

PSB Coating can generate special high reflectance to S-polarization and high anti-reflection to P-polarization for laser application. It can achieve nearly 100% reflectance to S-polarization ...

Other Coatings

Other Coatings, A-Star Photonics can also supply many other custom-made coatings upon customers’ request, like Metal Coating, AL Coating, AG Coating, Au Coating, MgF2 P-coating etc.

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