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Optical Crystal Bk7 Spherical Glass Lens Specifications Material—fused silica? , BK7 FL tolerance–±0.5% Dimension tolerance–±0.05mm Thickness tolerance—±0.05mm Edge Thk.Variable(ETV)—≤0.02mm Clear Aperture–≥95% S/D—80/50~20/10 Flatness—lambda/[email protected] Centrality—≤3′ Dimension—φ3.00~50.80mm(convex,concave,prism) Manufacturer of Optical Crystal Bk7 Spherical Glass Lens

China A-Star optical lenses 1. Raw material of Optical lens: Pyrex, Optical glass. Crystal glass 2. Techniques of Optical lens: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing 3. Shape of Optical lens: Plano lens,bi convex lens,bi concave lens, ball lens,Spherial lens 4. Inside quality of Optical lens: clear and transparent, no mold marks, no inside bubble and dirts, […]

1-Thinner and Stronger than Standard Glass Windows 2-Transmits Wavelengths Ranging From UV to Mid-Infrared 3-Features Extreme Surface Hardness and Chemical Resistance Optical sapphire window Applications Sapphire Washers, Sapphire Windows, Sapphire Bearings, Sapphire Rods, Sapphire Tubes, Ruby sapphire wafer, dome sapphire, Sapphire insulation Film, Sapphire ball lens, Sapphire/ruby ball A-Star’s Optical sapphire window, Click the down […]

Optical Infrared Application Lens, IR Lenses, IR Lens Assembly A-Star photonics inc can supply standard and high-precision cylindrical lens, spherical lens, prism, optical window, aspherical lens, filters in a variety of material, shapes, sizes, focal lengths and so on. A-Star focuses on the development and production of optical Lenses, telescopes and photo-electrical instruments. Focusing non […]

Plano-Convex Lens Get more infomation of A-Star’s Plano-Convex Lens,please click down picture A plano-convex lens is compose of a plane and convex surfaces, has a positive focal length. It is suitable for collecting and focusing light, and is a ideal optical element in the application of emitters, detectors, lasers, and fiber optics. Plano-Convex Lens Specifications: […]

Sapphire Optical Windows Sapphire window and ?optical lens manufacturer. Stock items available. Quality Made In The China· Free Online Quote Now Types: Custom Shaped Windows, Rounds, Rectangular Sapphire Window   Sapphire Window ,Sapphire Window is made from Sapphire material at any size are available. Besides round, Sapphire windows at shape of quadrate, triangular, or other […]

We can supply any kinds of Spherical Lenses with most competitive price and high quality. A-Star?Optics is one of the leading manufacturers from China that produce high precision Spherical lenses in plano-convex lenses?,double convex lenses, and plano-concave shapes. Spherical lenses are key optical components can be categorized in two major type lenses, concave and convex […]

A-Star Photonics inc. is the professional Optical Lens supplier in China and can customized various optical lens?with different shape, dimention and precision. Including spherical lens, aspherical lens, achromatic lens and coating. Optical lenses is the most advantage product of A-Star’s optics. We offer optical lenses including conical (axicons), plano convex, biconvex, plano concave, biconcave, cylindrical […]

A-Star Manufacturer and Exporter of Optical Lens. Optical lenses is the most advantage product of A-Star’s optics. A-Star got a complete set of optical Lenses Measurement System: Strictly control the Flatness, Radius, Focal, Center error and S/D. ZYGO Interferometer and AK-40 Interferometer 100% inspect the surface PV & IRR. We offer optical lenses including conical […]

A-Star’s Spherical Lens http://www.ftdpe.co/product-showcase/optics-Lenses/     Stock Spherical Lenses Ready for Purchase Available in Glass and Crystalline Materials with a Variety of Standard and Custom Coatings Stock to Custom, from Design and Prototype to Volume Production Manufactures stock and custom spherical optics to suit any application. From singlet and doublet optical lenses to ball lenses […]

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